⛓️NETA Chain

NETAchain develops technology that reduces the gaps between traditional and decentralized finance.

Implementing next-generation products and protocols to make financial transactions more equitable.

The technology is enabled to provide scalability, security, transaction finality, privacy, co-chain and smart contract capabilities, with use cases ranging from securities and supply chains to insurance, gaming, digital contracts and beyond.

NETAchain developed a blockchain infrastructure that offers the interoperability and capacity to handle the volume of transactions needed for decentralized finance (DeFi), financial institutions, and governments to smoothly transition into FutureFi. Enabling the simple creation of next-generation financial products, protocols and exchange of value.

Building the technology to power the Future of Finance (FutureFi), the convergence of traditional and decentralized models into a unified system that is inclusive, frictionless, and secure.

From a technical perspective, NETAchain created pure proof-of-stake foundational blockchain.

Powering the economic models of the future. NETAchain proof-of-stake consensus protocol and uses several techniques to achieve its goals. Keep note that all gas fees in this chain will be burnt forever, which means the total supply of $NETA decreases.

NETA will be the next generation of financial products, protocols and exchange of value.

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