🔄NETA Swap

NETA we will be creating a unique swap for investors to use. It will allow users to manually set gas at their desired wish and swap in order to promptly acquire their position in any crypto coin. The swap will also include charting, limit orders, stop losses and more. One of the unique functions in the swap includes the 0.2% swap fee.

This entire swap fee will auto-buyback and burn $NETA tokens. As we precedent high levels of volume, overall the swap will highly benefit the project and ensure it not only gains volume but also decreases the total supply over time. The auto-buyback and burn will occur after a certain amount of BNB has been accumulated.


NETA Swap communicates with PancakeSwap via smart contracts and executes transactions at the highest possible speed according to the user's requirements.


NETA Swap performs transactions in a decentralized and autonomous manner without having any control panel. Security vulnerabilities due to NETA swap are impossible.

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